Disagreement with William Grady

The above statement was made by William Grady concerning an accusation that Dr. Simpson made about Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.  We take issue with William Grady on his statement.  We agree with William Grady on this statement with the exception of “Peter S. Ruckman, the one man who did more to solidify the King James Only position than any ten other preachers combined”.  We disagree with William Grady on it being only ten preachers combined.  We believe that Dr. Peter S. Ruckman did more than at least 1000 preachers combined to solidify the King James Only position.  We can not be sure of this but maybe the number should be 10,000 instead of 1,000 preachers.

The falling away in America would be much worse than what it is, if Dr Ruckman had not lived and took the stand that he did for the King James Bible.  The Lord used Dr. Ruckman to create the King James  Bible movement.  His students are in the fore front of the battle over the King James Bible.  Sam Gipp, Gerald Sutek, David Walker, Rick Sowell, Greg Estep and many more were influenced by Peter Ruckman that the King James Bible is the perfect word of God.  There was even a pastor in the Tulsa area that was influenced by Peter Ruckman.   That pastor was Rick Curry with Harvest Baptist church near Verdigris on route 66.  In the 1970s Dr. Ruckman was invited to teach at a Baptist church in Tulsa.  Even those that are opposed to Dr. Ruckman like James Knox learned the King James Bible issue from Dr. Ruckman.  William Grady gives Dr. Ruckman credit for helping him to understand the King James Bible issue.  Bryan Denlinger on youtube learned the King James Bible issue from reading Dr. Ruckman’s books.   Robert Breaker on youtube was a student of Dr. Ruckman as well.  A lot of Christians have been taught about the King James Bible if not directly by Dr. Ruckman but by those influenced by Dr. Ruckman.  There is a Holiness missionary to Mexico that has wrote a book on the King James Bible.  In his book he cites William Grady and Gail Riplinger as sources for his information.  This Holiness missionary did not learn the King James Bible issue from Holiness preachers but from Baptists.  Baptists influenced by Dr. Ruckman.  Dr. Ruckman is the  one that made the King James Bible the issue.



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  1. I am in agreement with all you say here in this article. Sometimes we don’t always agree with aspects of certain ministries and preachers, but so thankful for the stand made in the past for those of us who enjoy the Word of God.
    Add Pastor Art Martin to the list of preachers who stood along back in those days.


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