How Messed up was David Koresh on the Bible??? The Waco Tragedy and Why You Need to Know Your Bible

It has been 27 years since April 19, 1993, when the buildings at the Branch Davidian ranch were burned to the ground killing seventy-six people.  Over the years since this happened, I have wondered what did David Koresh teach about the Bible?  What attracted his followers to him and his teachings?  David Thibodeau is a survivor of Waco and has spoken many times about his experiences with David Koresh.  You can find a number of videos on Youtube where David Thibodeau talks about his experiences with David Koresh. 

David Thibodeau explains how he met David Koresh.

I remember one day I was so frustrated with my life.  I looked up to the heavens or at least I looked up to the ceiling of Mann’s Chinese theater.  I said Lord what are you saving me for?  When can I finally meet the people that I am supposed to meet so I can start my life?  So I can do what I want to do instead of being in this rut.  Please make this happen.  I am here for a reason.  I know I am not here aimlessly walking through life in Hollywood, living you know with a bunch of guys in a one bedroom apartment. 

Two days later David Thibodeau met David Koresh in a music store in Los Angles, California.

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