How some preachers trick you when defining greek words

Some pastors that use the King James Bible will change the King James Bible into a NIV by using the greek.  The strange thing is that these same pastors would never read or recommend an NIV from the pulpit.  This video explains how they do it.  You can purchase David Daniels’ book Did Jesus Use The Septuagint?  There are  pastors that claim Jesus Christ read from the greek Septuagint instead of a Hebrew Old Testament.  Purchase this book and find out why those pastors are wrong.

Jack McElroy – Which Bible would Jesus Use?

Which Bible would Jesus use?  Would Jesus use a bible that makes him a liar?  Would Jesus use a bible that removes his name from the Bible?  Jack McElroy  answers why Jesus can not use the NIV, NASV, NKJV and ESV because of know error in their texts.  You can purchase his book Which Bible Would Jesus Use? below at the Amazon link.