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Dr. Ruckman Kindle Books

Dr. Ruckman was a pastor, artist, writer and defender of the King James Bible.  He went to be with the Lord on April 21, 2016.  Of all the King James Bible defenders Dr. Ruckman is by far the most controversial.  At the same time his controversial nature has brought much needed attention to the King James Bible issue.  Dr. Ruckman has been accused of being caustic in his writings attacking those that attack the King James Bible.  He names names of those that make their living from pretending to be Bible believers.  He is confrontational.  He is direct.  He tells you what he thinks.  He does not hold back.  Their is no guessing what he means.  If you want it hard and straight on the King James Bible issue, then you can select Dr. Ruckman’s books below to purchase from the Amazon links.

Why I Believe the King James Bible is the Word of God

The Professional Liars in Action

The Christian’s Handbook of Biblical Scholarship

About the New King James Bible

Custer’s Last Stand or The Scholarship of Bob Jones University

Satan’s Master Piece the New ASV

The “Errors” in the King James Bible

King James Onlyism versus Scholarship Onlyism

The Christian Liar’s Library

The NIV an in depth Documentation in Apostasy

The Christian’s Handbook of Manuscript Evidence

How to teach the “Original” Greek

Differences in the King James Version Editions

Bible Babel

The Mythological Septuagint


Happy Anniversary, KJV

Alexandrian Cult Series



Jeffrey Mardis Books

Jeffrey Mardis is a King James Bible believer.  He has wrote a number of books about what the Bible teaches about life in outer space.  He explores what the Bible teaches about UFOs, aliens, angels, and life in outer space.  It is amazing how much more information from the Bible is available to someone that believes the King James Bible is the word of God.  If you were taught that angels are female and have wings, then you need to read Jeffrey Mardis’ books listed below.  He will show you from the Bible, what the Bible teaches about angels.  If you want to know the identity of the Star of Bethlehem, then buy his book below.  Was the star of Bethlehem just a star or was it much more.  Learn what the Bible teaches about the star of Bethlehem.  Click on the Amazon links below to purchase Jeffrey Mardis’ books.

What Dwells Beyond: The Bible Believer’s Handbook to understanding Life in the Universe

Star of the King: The Christian’s Guide to Learning the Identity of the Star of Bethlehem

Aliens, Angels, and Outer Space: A Biblical Investigation into Life Beyond Earth



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