What Does It Mean To Be KJV Only???

We were involved with street preaching with Peter Schultz in Tulsa. We had a great time street preaching with Pete. Pete is a really great street preacher. At this time Pete and his family were members of a Baptist Brider church outside of Tulsa. Pete asked us to do a weekly Bible study with his family and our family. Pete and his family are beautiful and charming. Pete claimed to be KJB only. Pete and his family went with us to see Dr. Ruckman preach at churches in Arkansas and Texas. There are no King James Bible believing churches in Oklahoma. After two years we noticed some differences in doctrine about what the King James Bible teaches in the Bible study with Pete. It turns out that Pete did not believe in the Trinity of God or eternal security of the believer like the King James Bible teaches. The funny part was that we sat in churches with Pete and his family while Dr. Ruckman taught about the Trinity of God and eternal security of the believer. Another thing that was strange was Pete has one of Dr. Ruckman’s chalk talk drawings hanging in the living room of his house.

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